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My Story

At M.H.M Studio We are Woman. We are Deserving. We are Empowered.

Interior Decor Plant

My Mission

To create a safe place where you can think and speak freely without judgement. A space where you can feel empowered and deserving of the time you are investing in yourself while also being able to relax and shoot the shit. You come to me already beautiful, my job is to help you feel and see that.

My Craft

I have been in this industry for 10 years and have enjoyed staying up to date on the trends and continuing my education so I can provide the best results for you. I strive to be the stylist that listens to your needs and wants and pride myself in being able to understand what you want sometimes  without you even knowing how to articulate it. 

My Salon

Ive created a space that not only feels and looks clean but is modern, warm, and inviting. Giving a luxurious yet personal feel. With a variety of beverages and snacks and a playlist that will make you reminisce on the good ol days. As a private studio i have the ability to tailor your experience to your wants and needs!  

Salon Tour

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