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How often should I be coming in for appointments?

I will usually discuss this topic with each individual guest as everyone's needs for maintenance vary. On average though haircuts range from 4-12 weeks depending on length and if you are trying to grow it out. Most color appointments need to come in every 6-8 weeks to maintain and keep it looking fresh. 

I'm not sure what products I need for my hair. Can you suggest any?

100% I can asses your hair and determine which products would be best for your hair as well as what will work best with your lifestyle. Some products I believe everyone should have: at least two shampoos to rotate through, a clarifying shampoo (use 2x a month), a deep conditioning hair mask, a heat protectant, an oil or serum, and a dry shampoo. 

How comfortable are you with thick/curly hair?

I am very comfortable and well versed in cutting curly hair as I myself have curly hair and understand that it must be cut different than a regular haircut. This also applies to thick hair as to avoid the "choppy" or "shelf" look. Both require more attention to detail so it lays well and styles more effortlessly.

Can you tell me what styles would look best on me?

Yes! I can asses your face shape and skin tone to determine what length, styles, and colors would look best on you as well as work for your lifestyle. Depending on how low or high maintenance you want to be with your hair I can give you options. I'm known to be very honest and will let you know my professional opinion on if a look will work for you.

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