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Mckenna Whaley

What's up you beautiful fucking soul! If you've made it this far  then you are probably wondering if we are going to vibe well because lets be honest who wants to spend hours with someone you cant talk to! 

So here's my "dating profile" if you will before we meet for our "First Date"! [ooo I'm nervous!]

I'm a 29 year old tattooed, pierced mama of 3 kiddos. I love long walks on the beach, pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain... just kidding...sorta...okay okay but In all seriousness I do enjoy those things as well as being out in nature, anything water related, and learning more about my human design and astrology. Speaking of Astrology, I'm a Virgo sun, Sagittarius Moon, and a Sagittarius rising.


I'm originally from California ( Bay Area!) so the beach and being in the sun are my happy place. I moved to Utah the summer before my senior year and have been here since. 

I'm a huge advocate for women empowerment, self love, and finding yourself again outside of being a mother. I myself started my journey to find and love myself without the mom guilt and it has been a hard but rewarding and empowering journey, one I hope I can help others on!

I love joking around, being goofy, I personally think I'm hilarious and a good time! if I sound like someone who you would vibe with click that link below! I cant wait to meet you on our "First Date"!


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